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Caruba Portable Photocube LED



The Caruba Portable Photo Cube with LED light, you can very easily create professional product photos with a camera or smartphone! It is a foldable, portable photo studio that is spacious enough to place in very different products. The energy-efficient LED lights in the lid of the Photo Cube shine brightly and consistently, so the Portable Photo Cube also at night use is.

Solid photo cube was set up in a snap: you fold it out and press the Velcro equipped edges against each other. That's all! You can choose a background supplied cloth (white, black, gray or peach) or diffuse adding cloth for additional professional effect. Because Caruba Photo Cube can be folded into a carrying handle, it can easily be transported.

The light tent is equipped with two openings; at the front and top. Both openings can be completely closed; the opening on the front side can also be closed to the half. The inside of the light tent is coated with silver, reflective material, similar to a soft

Marque : Caruba


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