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F-Stop Sukha Nasturtium



The F-Stop Sukha is a backpack with plenty of storage capacity and many possibilities. With a capacity of up to 70 liters and four internal Internal Camera Unit, also known as ICUs, anchorages this is a perfect base for your equipment. it is easy to attach an extra bag or accessories to the bag thanks to its compatibility with the Gatekeeper system of F-Stop and the addition of two galvanized steel D-rings. Under the tab "Accessories" you will not only optional ICUs but Gatekeepers.

For active people with a lot of stuff
The Sukha F-Stop is designed with an active user in mind: to attach a tripod, snowboarding, walking or sleeping bags are fine to the bag. The internal aluminum frame provides excellent support and maximum comfort when you're on an expedition. Your camera equipment is accessible through a breathable back panel made of molded EVA. The opening at the top provides access to the internal main compartment. The additional side pockets with zippers reliable over the

Marque : F-stop Gear


  • 5.2 C 070

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